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Group TOTO

  • Group TOTO allows you to share a TOTO bet with a group of people, and have the same bet printed on multiple tickets (up to 10). Each person can have his own ticket.
  • The cost and prize amount will be divided by the number of tickets created for the Group TOTO bet.
  • The cost of each ticket must be at least $7.
  • The prize amount for each ticket will be rounded up to the nearest 10 cents.


How to place Group TOTO bets

  • Group TOTO bets can only be placed at our outlets.
  • Use a bet slip and mark your selections.
  • In addition, mark ‘Group TOTO’ on the bet slip and state the number of tickets you wish to print at the sales counter.


Comparison between TOTO & Group TOTO

A TOTO bet A Group TOTO bet
TOTO number selection
Quick Pick or Self Pick numbers. Any bet type of your choice 1, 2 or 4 draws.
Number of tickets generated
Number of tickets generated
2 – 10 depending on number of tickets you ask for
Prize amount
According to prize structure
Prize amount
According to prize structure, divided by number of tickets.
Each ticket is entitled to its portion of prize amount.



Three friends wish to place a bet together and each wants to have a ticket of his own. To meet the minimum cost of $7 per ticket, their bet must cost at least $21. They decide to place bets on six boards of Ordinary Entries for four draws.

Cost of bet: 6 x $1 x 4 = $24

They receive three tickets, each costing $8.

​One among their six boards of numbers wins a prize of $70,000.

Prize amount for each ticket: $23,333.40 ($70,000 ÷ 3 = $23,333.33)

​Each person uses his own ticket to claim $23,333.40.