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How to Play: Football

Important Notice

Please note our revised Game Rules for football bet types with effect from (25 Oct 2016). Bets placed before (25 Oct 2016) are subjected to the old Game Rules.

Bet Type Previous Current
Pick the Score (PTS) Full refund of bets for matches abandoned before full time, regardless of results Payout available if results already determined upon abandonment
Total Goals
Which Half More Goals
Halftime PTS
Fulltime PTS
Total Goals Over/Under
1/2 Goal Lines for pre-match betting constant throughout sales window Lines for pre-match betting may change throughout sales window
Total Goals Over/Under
Handicap 1X2


Make your prediction for the Bet Type/Market of your choice.

Check the odds for your selection and place your bet.

If your prediction is correct, you win.



Odds are offered for every selection. Odds calculate the winnings for each dollar you bet on that selection.


Opening odds

Opening odds refer to the odds offered at the start of sales. Odds may change along the way as the betting and Match/Event progresses.

Always check the latest odds when placing your bet. Your winnings are based on the prevailing odds at the time your bet was placed.



A Multiples bet combines two or more selections, where all selections must be accurate to be a winning bet.

Type of Bet Number of Selections Number of Matches/Events
Double 2 2
Treble 3 3
4-fold 4 4

If all of your selections are accurate, you win the sum from all odds multiplied.


How to Place Bets


When to Place Bets

With an account, you may place pre-match bets as soon as odds are available, up till sales close, as well as live bets during the event.

Without an account, you may place pre-match bets as soon as odds are available, up till sales close, or before our outlets close - whichever is earlier. You may also head to our Livewire outlets for live betting.

Due to the nature of the game, we reserve the right to fully or partially reject all or any bet request.


Match/Event Abandonment

Match/Event abandonment happens when a scheduled Match/Event fails to be completed, that is, either does not start or, after starting, does not reach the end of regulation time.

When this happens, wait for announcements on our website or on notices displayed at outlets.

Depending on whether the Match/Event organiser decides to replay the match/event immediately, or postpone or cancel the match, Singapore Pools will make a decision on the status of all bets within 36 hours.